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Daily Dive & Snorkeling Trips

The Centre runs dive & snorkel trips daily for a minimum of two divers.

On the first dive of the day the boats leave at 9:30 a.m. returning to the Centre by around 1.30 p.m. after completing 2 dives at different sites. The boats leave again at 3:00 for one dive returning to the Centre by around 5 p.m.

Night dives are run once a week for a minimum of 4 divers at around 6 pm during the winter months and 7 pm. for the rest of the year. Please note that the minimum qualification for night dives is PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent. If you do not have this level of qualification, you may wish to sign up for our PADI Night Diver Specialty Course

All divers are requested to be at the Dive Centre at least half an hour before departure times.

When making the booking please let us know the following:-

* Number of total dives to date and the date of your last dive, as we may advise either a checkout in the pool or a Scuba Tune-up.
* Level of qualification ; bring along proof of qualification and a logbook.
* Equipment requirement and your approximate size

Please note: we operate a 24-hour no fly / altitude rule after diving.

Dive Sites

Bander Khairan: Located twenty minutes to the south east of Muscat by boat. The area is a small system of coves and creeks There are a variety of different dive sites, from 30m drop-offs to shallow coral reefs or swim-throughs beneath huge boulders. There is an excellent wreck dive here, on the Al Munnassir, a 84m landing craft, starting at 8m, lying on the bottom at 30m. It is a fantastic dive and is always brimming with fish, whilst giant honeycomb moray eels roam the gangways.  Sandy beaches and calm waters inside the main area make this an ideal site for picnics or a break between dives. When diving here, you can expect to see spectacular soft and hard corals, turtles resting amongst the reef, giant honeycombed moray eels entangled through the reef, large sting rays lying covered in sand, lobsters lurking from beneath rocks and at the right time of the year, a curious whale shark may just come and say hello.


The Boats

Fahal Island : Fahal is a large island, (often referred to as Shark Island ). 4 km offshore from Muscat 's popular tourist beach. It is a 20 minute boat ride from the dive center. Smaller in area than Bander Khairan it boasts equally excellent diving, with bays containing many varieties of hard and soft corals. For the more adventurous there is a cave swim-through, a wreck at 30m and deep reefs down to 40m, where schools of barracuda can be found. Sharks can be often be seen basking on the sand banks, giant eagle rays gliding effortlessly into the distance, schools of fish in their thousands and if youre lucky you may get to see a friendly whale shark or a traveling orca. At Fahal, you expect the unexpected.


Cat Island : Conveniently located just 300m from the beach at the Capital Area Yacht Club. This dive site is great for both snorkelers and divers and is one of our most popular sites for night dives. Depths range from 2m ; 16m. Here you can see a variety of fish, often large schools towards the end of the day, rays, lobsters, cuttlefish, eels of all varieties and the occasional turtle.


Dive Sites

Daymaniat Islands : Often referred to as the jewels of the crown, the Daymaniat Islands are a string of nine uninhabited islands, located 18km off the Batinah Coast . They are Oman s only Marine Nature Reserve and special permits have to be acquired.  Reefs start from 5m to 30m with plenty of life below and above the water. The islands are renowned for its extensive coral varieties. Here you can expect to see plenty of colorful reef fish, turtles and rays.


Ras Abu Dawood: Great for novice and advanced divers alike. Consists of a small group of Islands located approximately 1 hr from Muscat , with steep walls on the east and shallow reefs on the western side. Dives start from 3m ; 40m. Here you can expect to see reef sharks, turtles and sting rays. A wreck dive of a freighter in 16m of water can also be included.